Hello to anyone who has taken the time to discover my about page 🙂

My name is Ed and I’m a writer and creative person and just general human from the UK.

As the name of the blog indicates, and the little subtitle bit beneath it, this is just a blog for me to talk about what I’ve been watching on the television (I watch a lot of television).

The blog isn’t particularly critical – I’m not a massively critical person, and I just want to explore television through a personal and warm and heartfelt way and decided to use a blog to have a go. Reviews seek the positives and are definitely based on the way I’ve seen the episodes instead of being more objective – after all, our experiences define us and the way we see things.

Doctor Who is my favourite show and I love it so much, but I watch other things as well which I’ll talk about too.

It’s not just about television, I usually get distracted by something or other.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the blog!